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russia you know where they have been the you saw it say. so many doubts about the organization will the abilities sense on what will happen it started it started it started there for whom my interest and especially in the stadium is of on the full amount in the seydou football is good is not good at the best because in the first round you have to look a little bit that good to see both of you see television audience international russia is now in although both in all the world by television one the visual and this is very important how do you think that they are has had an impact on this while competing is a positive thing to think it's a negative thing by same it is it is not yet totally and ready to be introduced in a vote because the we are. would be good if the.
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knowledge say the referees did the television referees should always be just same group. because now they change every match and you know when the referee. according to their also think game it is always said if in the old pinion of today three in the opinion of today if there is no one feel also feet to approach in this . and this must be it is more speed prove it because there are some doubts. led seeing that in the future it will not create problems but let's get back to the game that has got back to it all those matches that are coming up which is that we've looked at the way i think they're being fixtures there we looked at the results i mean do you think let's get let's get a prediction who do you think is going to win the world cup the winner of to find him after i know it is it is said it's easy to say that but. you see now
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already at the very beginning of one of the big teams at last and then depending if they finish first in the group or not and every single change there because it is a plan which has been established that number one should always win but if he is not the case then all the. possible solutions are now are. now amazingly after just two games you can now start talking about the russian money playing in the knockout stages let's bring up the table for group b. because this is where their next opponent in the last sixteen would come from it will be the other finishes first or second in this way and that's how it looks at the moment so fortunate sitting pretty and we're going to see spain take on a round tonight in his hand at this point they said who do you think would be better suited for russia to take home advice three teams you have a chance i'll go with you for iran ok best option but i have to say. if you're
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right if iran gets a result against spain today georgia win then we have a serious contender for for winning the next game as well. so that's going to take something i said earlier you know for me the easily the best team the best performing team was spain the play the best football the create a good chances and they were a choice of all to watch it was only they were up against bush on a run out and that was the only reason that didn't win that game. so we can talk about that's a superman torturous team put to the spanish team you're a huge fan boy spank you i understand you know it's only on the players and i mean they deliver like that people people have opinions about the masses and and there are no those of the this world who suppress truth and they get criticized for fish from for not joy the same with tiger woods for instance you get criticized for not joining in with people and not you but people don't have any idea what it's like to be these guys every. one wants and everyone wants
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a piece of them everyone wants some of that time and every time they go on the page they are being looked at with a microscope so for someone like ronaldo who claims and rightly so that he is the best player in the world he just goes out there every time and he shows it and i said before it took him four minutes today to score an unbelievable header when you look at it and i've looked over a few times you know he's got no right to get that ball but he wants to get to that goal and that's kind of what one of the sort of elements with right now that i really like is that he really really wants it and then got a player harry kane he's a little bit like that he's not got the same quality as rinaldo yet but he's a same player he wants to get to the people he wants to be at the end of the boat and you can count maybe ten or twelve players in this world cup who has that special pedigree and that's why i like going out of now as i said spain the opposite they're a team without stars but collective strength. i think you go man for man spain has
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got the best squad in the world in the world cup it says a lot zelin they were able to drop one of the goal scorers nacho in there and having met snatchers not playing shows that they got you know some squads here and they have that and he has got options so carol scott options when when it comes to putting out the squad where we place he will of course have been studying iran the way they played the way they lined up carlos kara's who is the manager of iran has worked particularly this meticulously to a plan in producing this team he's talked about he was the first team to bring out the first manager to bring the team here to russia and he had he had that the press he had the stage and had an opportunity to to speak to everyone and talk to the world about how he's thinking this iran team and how he's been working with them and for the first game i just want the same and they didn't look like it's. that
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everybody things were going to win easily over these guys they look solid they they have a very solid base and they've got players. that can change the game the can score goals. would you anticipate spain dominating possession and it will be around defending for their lives or will they be able to actually you know get the ball into the spanish are so in football managers always have a plan b. the plan a plan b. and sometimes even a plan c. so they prepare for eventualities now spain their plan is to always keep the ball keep possession and play that plan b. is to always keep the ball keep possession and possible over and so is clancy. they that good i mean they don't need a kind be they can they can change city of cossack up players like vehicle cross if they're not in the lead and they need to go. they can go a bit more direct if they want with a player like that but he can also take part in in the playing and they still
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haven't yesterday so you know i've never ever seen in the plane a team where they didn't keep the ball so i expect them to have the ball long and i think iran will be quite happy with it and i think that we very comfortable and confident from the first game in the way that they they were structured and you know the first game of the world cup is difficult but they came away with three point i think it's been it's been really it's been that in a fantastic couple of days for them you know where they could build american and gain some more confidence and it's going to be interesting to see how that came pans out it's another kind of david goliath i mean he's been fatter another david to life time but we have seen already it doesn't always go the way you expected and we have got alexia shifts keep the ringers jetted over from st petersburg overnight what is the atmosphere like has out alexei. paid zephyr to building up now and. i would say iranian fans are outnumbering the
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spanish fans maybe four to one the plane i took from st petersburg last night i had to charles from moscow head was full of iranian fans my hotel is full of iranian fans the whole city is full of iranian fans they're walking around blowing their iranian horns chanting about iran i literally just a few minutes ago a huge crowd of iranian fans passed me on the way here and you know what i have to say they're feeling very confident just expanding on your thoughts so that peter and i completely agree with what you said about iran they're definitely not pushovers there is a very strong degree of confidence among the fans and i actually managed to speak to a couple of them a short while ago and just listen to what they had to say about this game. you know i don't know that's my show out because i cannae i i'm here because i want to support my team do you really don't know what's going on but do we have a chance to win the game because it's been a crazy world cup so far who the think of messi missing a penalty against iceland it just happened to the thing jim and losing the game to
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make sick of it happening so he might have on their own will hear from so here almost back of their own minutes and within the game one nil let me qualify already . by the way that lady in that in that sound bite there will actually turn out to be iranian celebrity with one point six million followers on instagram that's five hundred thousand short than the biggest operate in football sort of that obviously all eyes are on him today what he can produce and whether the spanish defense particular will be able to stop him i know because i know started out a very well he wants to move to a big club and this is a big stage and also the iranian fans told me that they have nothing to lose they are here already that's a holiday for them that's a major achievement already and they will be playing with their hearts on the bench so we'll see whether that happens to be the case whether this david versus goliath situation but the game kicks off very soon and i'll be in it with bringing you updates as it unfolds. great to speak to you again like see it exonerated is going
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to be great much that i will be checking in and sure with alexy later on in the evening and it was very touching for me to hear the iranian fans themselves in their own opinion the best chance they have is a wall nil result so they're looking to defend. a local boy to play through. and you know it's a player that when i went because people were talking about when there was so excited that he of all the players see that they could have had come to get from from group that he was actually playing in matches were very excited about that so he's playing on his home to against senator obama's i'm just i'm looking at the lineups now and explain they've made two changes so. it's not playing. just playing and basketball wednesday so obviously here. he's using the squad and
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maybe trying to be a little bit more tactical to watch the way that iran is expected to play so again we remind ourselves that heroes on. in the second game as many different spain. it was sacked two days before the world cup started and that it's kind of died down a little bit about that story but it is only the second game so already now he's making changes to what i assume was look at your best side or expects to lead so he's already putting his little touch to it and get into their best eleven well we've had a few suggestions of how this game might go i'm assuming this isn't going to be a to turn around victory let's find out what josie in the ring you know thinks. spain in the round i think as a start as a very experienced coach with multiple. experiences in in world cup.
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obviously spain spain i would say that spain with the players that are not selected for the walkers would be also a candidate for big swings as amazing it is. their potential so i sing spain but i receive that iran will be that sickly in a way where they're going to create some little problem. as a pragmatic and as evidence let's talk now about the goal scorers race for the gold and christian are now at the game of the go for him but this we've had a lot of illegals in this competition do you think this is now if a complete renowned is going to win it there's a lot sort of backed up behind it cherish it the first way that portugal are not through. and i'm not sure they're going to go through if they play the way they do and someone and obviously the next someone else around finds out how to close
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ronaldo down don't forget carlos cares as portuguese has been portuguese manager he's worked with ronaldo at manchester united for many years so you know anyone to the gate. what exactly that anyone knows how to close this down i'll go down and keep him from scoring then it should be him so if can you imagine the way that that portugal play today against iran who actually plays really well so portugal not even through so he's got four goals so far which is incredible after two games and he's easy is proving he's a best player in the world for me or the most effective player and i think that can be argued and then you know you look at the top scores list you've got that is cherish if you've got the dubai you've got the it will cost the out there and it will cost a place today he can add to the two goals that he scored against portugal and it's it's it's hurting up quite nicely on that front how much is this down to who's the best striker and who's in a team that creates lots of chances i think the combination of being
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a really good striker and having it seen the can can produce chances for you. i think that's key i expected to live on those vs today to two to have chances and to score goals and live in those he was hardly visible in the game and in fact he his body language was full so for me it was that he wasn't happy with his team and he was so you know that takes off so you know you also have that kind of pressure and of course if you've been built up in every every put strike it will be build up in their own country but on the world stage to become one of the contenders for the good and it's not happening for you of course it's going to be a lot of frustration and if you offer say that it's difficult to do what you have to do you know keep up with us was a good example he didn't score had a really back in the first game today got one chance and he scored and this is what a strike is all about and get the ten schools in the right place at the right time
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had to been quite a surprise still didn't win as i would say over the years some think you kind of scale achey touch pop up even even has a drink is in that never once first choice time to. i'm thinking now maybe harry kane of england harry king a score two goals he had two chances and he put both them away. yeah i've been on a picture of harry king and i it's it's just two players of that caliber doesn't come around very often you know where you have the whole package you have the physical size and strength you can hit the ball he can kick the ball you can do anything he wants he's quick he can he can triple the it's a lot of things but just what makes hurricanes special for me is his attitude and mentality and he's working with probably one of the best managers in world. to put the cine at tottenham and and i've seen one of the like danish players christian eriksen change in personality and what he can actually do in the pitch by working with him and what hurricane hurricane is he's hungry he wants to school people to
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anything he can do anything for the team for the team to produce a chance for him he will defend he will be and he will have the physicality to be up there every time the ball is now a hurricane is someone to keep an eye on the team didn't produce that many chances for one they produced a full length they are not the same caliber finisher as hurricane is but it was evident the two chances he had he was in the right spot at the right time and you have to say the right time it was ninety minutes plus two to score the winner and those kind of players of course i expect them to to be on the list of the shortlist when we get sued. if was going to win the golden boot right listen to this you like this is kind of this so hurricanes place been very tidy i would say and cleaning up has been a theme of the competition so far because the japanese fans have been really making a point of not meeting a mess behind them just take
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a look at this video. so so the japan fans and then the senegal fans as well i hope this is a case a craze that can't she's on the leave in spotless status behind it's going to see this is the place to be honestly fantastic and this is what football does it binds people together and it you can say makes people happy the system one little thing when the old likes of you you know rugby of course all blacks as they struck the team ever in the world and they have that i mean everyone does matter how big
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a star they. become they have to clean up after themselves to keep every day the the dressing room that they watch each day on turn the washing clothes everything because no one cleans up after the best team in the world will look after ourselves and this is a little bit like this it depends fans have started this hopefully that catches on and you can yesterday showed that they are here to win football matches and they have to quality to do that they were brilliant we never talked about the me as yet no one and we get over so we have to as a composition goes on and another one might say small and small the nation certainly in terms of population having a very big impact iceland advair fans not just the play on the pitch of the st also the fans really making a marquee with that famous viking thunderclap is on show again on tuesday this was at the rostov on don fan zone they call it a bit more humbly the giza sound back home and they used it a little this is such a nice touch to mark the birthday of one of the iceland players defend ragna sigurdsson. zero zero. zero zero. zero
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zero zero zero. zero zero zero zero. i get to get awards and everything i would imagine is a play that means so much if the fans pay you to like that it's incredible we saw this in the u.s. so the icelandic fans were helping iceland to produce miracles let's just put it that way and ended up beating england by the way but the thing between the fans and the play is. you can measure it you can put it's interesting test that you can you can actually you can explain what it is but when you have tried and if you felt that you were away from home you're playing that and obviously this time it's it's a tournament in russia it's a very very long way from yo yo yo yo home and if you are nice like me trying to expand. you can so i send the plan you come out and you see this seat of your own
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people that they've traveled to watch you and to support you and that gives you something i don't know how much it is if it's one percent or five percent they don't but it gives you something that and these i mean i was at the euros and i saw them i saw them live i saw them obviously in t.v. and it's so i wouldn't attaining and well it's a it's a special emotion i would say it has been a total it so far especially the nations and fantastic atmosphere and there's so much more to come out expecting something quite interesting from around a spanking seven finale make she cheated and we're going to be bringing me at the latest racially.
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thank. after three years of conflict it has been estimated that out of a population of twenty seven point four million twenty two point two million people in yemen are in need of humanitarian assistance so why are the u.s. and u.k. so committed to the saudi u.a.e. war on yemen. hello and welcome to the peter schmeichel show coming to you this week from high above moscow's conic red square giving a glorious view of the very center of the well called party scene all thirty two
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teams in action already and the mixture of entertaining football and unpredictable results means that fans have been treated to a real celebration of beautiful game that's what i've been has been a real melting point of fans coming together from all corners of the world and it's easy to tell you who comes from where by the color of their shirts the red lights off through the sky blue and white stripes of they have a saying in argentina fans and the green some brass makes it. they've all been the most obvious across moscow russian fans are young and old came streaming out of the new snigger stadium with a big smile on their faces off the bat seen flashed saudi arabia five nil in the opening match and the much anticipated fans from iceland they inspired that seem to a draw with argentina with their pre-match viking war dance two million fans has been
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known to travel to russia on this quest behind me the party has been going on twenty four hours nonstop since the tournament started last week on the pitch we've seen everything that we love about football one day that's been delivered by the best players in the world dramatic late goals scored in the nineteenth made it all and beyond and the red card in the third minute a hat trick from right now though and a penalty missed by no other than the you know messi and of course that's also been the introduction of yet more technology into the world's favorite game. we've all got used to the goal line technology which is already given two goals in the first round of the group games but for these championships fifa have gone one step further into the world of technology and introduced via video assistant referees. so what is and how does it work well it's
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a tool to help referee make correct decisions so the vaccine they have based in essential video operating room they called a video out ball not to be confused with and that ball is based at the international broadcast center in moscow sitting in front of a bank of screens camera feeds a fed into them and they're able to communicate directly with the referee at each stage of via five radio system the vox team and he have to be really careful because the vod team consists of the video assistant referee and three assistants video assistant referees and the last one a cold one eva two and you guessed right eva three each member of the team has been selected primarily faced and that experience has video match officials so that all referees or assistant referees themselves. the team at the broadcast center they have independent access to all available match footage but under the current rules
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can only assist the referee in the event of a clear and obvious error all serious missed incident in a number of situations so the vast system can intervene whether or not a goal was scored whether a penalty should or should not have been given whether a direct red card should have been awarded all in case of mistaken identity in other words whether a referee has sent off a quotient the wrong player so why exactly is this technology being brought into the game as head of football technology innovation your highness what's miller explained the thinking behind it's a. if you take me through step by step what happens in water or and what is it supposed to do so in general we're talking about four game changing situations that. these are the trigger points for we are the means only when one of these situations is happening on the pitch then really the v.o.r.
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can support the referee on the pitch so that means if something happens let's say a potential red card ball goes out of play or even if the ball is still in the game in the background there are checks happening we call them silent checks so that means that we are also the entire we are team because we will have four hours or one we are in three hours in this room sitting together they will check immediately is there's a potential red card and in the moment when he is clear that this is obvious and very clear for everyone then he will inform the referee on the pitch please delayed a game and that's exactly the moment when the referee on the pitch is zero it seems that i missed something so the word he gets please delay the game no it's delayed a game of thought it means that's the moment then when the referee knows on the pitch something happened but it could be also the other way around that the referee on the pitch says oh something happened i couldn't see it because maybe a player was standing in front of the action or something but he could also ask please check them for me again it seems that maybe i missed something really
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seriously so please delay the game and then the ball goes out of play then what happens and then it's exactly the communication between the v.a. and the referee on the pitch that means that we are then clearly explains what he has seen what what was the clear and obvious and we. there is there is a difference between factual information so was it was the ball out of play or was an offside position because that something is black and white however for work we say when it's not a factual information we will always and that's the most of the referees and some of the. something to us most in political arena but then they will send the referee on the side of the field of the monitor because the referee should see his own eyes to decide yes for me it's also clear and obvious so factual information and the other part where we need interpretation to the different decisions we would like to
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doesn't have to go to the video monitor you can see noise or drive and exactly so if it's a factual information so for. example as offside position then he believes because it's black and white we have a line we will see the line ok it's black and white and he will then of course support the he that makes this go to the video monitor he then comes up with what he thinks is a correct decision and then he does what and then it depends what his decision is so either he stays with his initial decision and play goes on or he says. showing the t.v. signal and is changing the station and if a goal is scored and is the watch the situation again and serves no it's no goal then he makes it clear that it's no call given and it starts then depending on the situation can they take it back to minute. yes and no and i'll tell you why because it's start of the attacking face so attacking face it's define the protocol the
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moment when it starts. the moment when it goes to the build up to the goal that sort of build up of to go in that interpretation for the referee as well so it's not that we can clearly say that's the moment of the moments and really to the referee to decide ok deaths the moment when the build up to the goal start it and that's exactly when the taken place started and from there on everything that is not according to the laws of the game can be and this is a system completely ready should be introduced to the world cup i think first of all it's very important to understand that it's a little bit different than golan technology a few years ago because golan technology was somehow developed of course with the industry but was developed by a few for now we are using normal broadcasts equipment so it's nothing going to specially developed only for we are because in many other sports as you know there are already using it however football as you know we have special special needs and
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therefore of course we had to test all the different elements one element was of course feeds that feeds arrive especially here for the world cup we have a centralised we are that means that we we have to test still more we arrived there but also what we already tested in i would be the club world cup a centralised we are that means that one place where all the feeds coming in so there was tested at the club world cup the next big step for us and where we also have seen many problems was already communication between the v.a.r. sitting in a room somewhere and the referee on the pitch or so here we did many trolls we did many experiments with different companies checking everything and we are feeling quite comfortable that it will work at the world cup and the next element was offside and you mention it there was this situation and you can imagine how many misery arrived on that day because everyone was very similar things that the work up and.


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